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How it Works?

Email marketing shouldn't be complicated. Get things done in 3 steps.


Capture Leads

You can either import any of your existing list of subscribers or use your website to capture leads and have our system automatically add them to your mailing list.


Create Campaigns

Create email campaigns to engage with your subscribers. Segment your list of subscribers to get the best results out of your campaigns. Sky is the limit.



Now that your email campaigns are in place, our system will do the hard work for you. Your emails will be automatically sent at the time you scheduled. Job done.

Our Features

Our system includes many awesome features! Here are some to give you a taste.

Delivery tracking

Track delivery and stats for every single campaign.


Send emails automatically based on specific events or conditions.

List Import

Import your existing lists of subscribers from CSV or Excel.

Aonomy Feature

Template Builder

Use our advanced template builder to create stunning email templates.

Partner Program

Join our Partner Program and earn 20% commission on each sale.


Our system is protected by SSL certificate and DDOS detection mechanism.

Grow your business

Email marketing is a crucial, necessary and irreplaceable tool, regardless of the size of your business. Email is one of the marketing channels that consistently delivers the highest ROI.
If you run a business and don't have email marketing campaign in place then we recommend you take this moment, select one of our affordable plans and start growing your business by capturing leads and converting them into customers.

Our pricing plan was built for all business sizes and needs. We want you to start taking advantage of our system by selecting one of our plans. Our system is scalable and will adapt to the growth of your business. Upgrade to a different plan anytime, no hidden fees or charges.

Pricing Plan

$ 0/month


Subscribers: 200

Emails Per Month: 500

Campaigns: 5

Lists: 5

Segments: 5

Autoresponders: 5

API Access: No

Priority Support: No

$ 5/month


Subscribers: 1500

Emails Per Month: 20000

Campaigns: 20

Lists: 20

Segments: 20

Autoresponders: 20

API Access: No

Priority Support: No

$ 15/month


Subscribers: 5000

Emails Per Month: 40000

Campaigns: 50

Lists: 50

Segments: 50

Autoresponders: 50

API Access: Yes

Priority Support: Yes

$ 45/month


Subscribers: 15000

Emails Per Month: 150000

Campaigns: 150

Lists: 150

Segments: 150

Autoresponders: 150

API Access: Yes

Priority Support: Yes

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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Email marketing is the act of sending promotional emails to a group of people who are subscribed or have shown interest in your business.
The main goal of email marketing is to convert leads into customers. This means you will use email marketing to send offers to your subscribers and have them take a specific action on the offer. Ultimately, the goal is to sell your product through email or keep existing customers engaged.
MailFuss offers you a range of functionalities you can use to create and manage email campaigns. Our system includes all the essential features necessary to run email marketing campaigns at an affordable rate.
Campaign: You create a campaign with a specific goal in mind. For example, you might want to send emails weekly to your customers with updates on your business or products. You can then create an email campaign named "Weekly newsletter" and scheduled to be sent once a week.
Lists: This is the list of people to whom you will send your email campaigns. A list usually includes multiple names and email addresses. You can import lists from CSV/Excel or use forms in your website where people can subscribe to your newsletter.
Segments: This is essentially the separation of people in your list according to specific interests or goal. For example, from your entire list, you can create a segment named "Paid customers" which will only include people who bought your product or paid for your service. You can create campaigns that send emails to this specific segment.
An autoresponder is a series of emails that are sent out based on specific triggers or actions. For example, you can create an autoresponder that sends an automatic email when someone buys or download your product. Once you setup autoresponders, you don't need to make any manual intervention, the system will automatically send emails based on the conditions and triggers you have in place.
Sure, this system is built to be simple and intuitive. If you need help or don't have time to setup an email marketing campaign, please feel free to contact our support team and have a specialist implement your campaign (fees may apply).
Yes, our system includes a straight-forward API system. You can easily connect your website capture form to our system and automatically add subscribers to your lists.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime without additional fees. Once you upgrade your plan, you will have immediate access to all the features included in the plan.
Yes, all plans include email support, but some paid plans come with priority support. Priority support may include chat functionality and quick response to support tickets. Please refer to the pricing plan for more information.

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